About us

Founded by Davide Tanzi a.k.a zemede Alemayehu in 2021, Kush roots brand is a clothing apparel company. The concept of the Kush roots brand is to empower, inspire, spread knowledge, wisdom and pride to all our brothers, sisters, kings and queens and their offspring all across the planet. To inspire and take pride of their heritage and roots.
My philosophy is driven by a passion of (giving back) by providing practical consumer goods designed to achieve sustainable profitable growth.
In turn some of the profit will go toward orphans and vulnerable children to educational programs and resources needed to help them achieve, thrive and succeed in life.
Our mission is simple to inspire and empower generation to come, of our rich and blessed history and beautiful and vibrant culture. Our mission is for you to


Our promise is to deliver quality and premium clothing and products.

Davide Tanzi is also an author of a book called (Born in Kush).